Certification is the key to selecting a quality Gemstone or Diamond at the lowest price. Certification is your only assurance of quality. A Gemstone and Diamond certification is a detailed quality report issued by a gemological laboratory. It not only increases consumer awareness but also enhances the trust & satisfaction in the mind of the consumer. 

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                                                                                                     Report Verification

GGIL Report Verification enables you to match the information on your GGIL Lab report to the information stored in the GGILLaboratory Report Database. GGIL provides this fast and convenient service to give you an additional level of assurance.

Please enter the Certificate Number and the exact Weight as it is shown on your GGIL Laboratory Report and click the ‘CHECK’ button

We provede Certification all types of Gemstones and Diamonds.

Most Certificates are issued in 24-48 hours.

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